Wine Tour to Ribera del Duero

In the Region 165,00€

The Duero river at Ribera del Duero, also known as the river of wine, is about 2 hours from Madrid and it is the home of tempranillo, the most famous Spanish grape variety. Red wines with full body and lots of fruit.

We will visit three of their most representative wineries and cellars, modern and traditional, and their vineyards. We will do a full visit in one of them, learning about winemaking in Ribera (riverside in spanish), and understanding tempranillo wine from the grape to the bottle.

A real immersion in the culture of wine. We also include a short visit to Segovia, having a scenic stop with free time.

The wines produced in this region are among the finest in Spain. Already in the XII century, the monks of Cluny were growing grapes along the river bank of Duero to produce wine.

Although the nowadays famous Ribera wine is red, from the native variety tinta fina or tinto del país, there are three other well-known wine varieties in the region: white in Rueda, red in Toro and claret and red in Cigales.

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