Skip-the-Line Duomo Tour with Rooftop Access

In the City 55,00€

The Duomo of Milan is the symbol of the city, and even if you’re just passing by Milan, you cannot miss a visit to this beauty!

This tour is perfect because in just an hour and a half you can visit one of the greatest works of architecture in Italy. Describing the magnificence of the Duomo is difficult, but just to give you an idea, it is one of the largest Catholic churches in the world!

Join our expert guide in front of the Duomo and visit the inside of the cathedral. A perfect balance of naves, columns, and stained-glass windows, the interior decoration took more than 10 centuries to complete.

Next, get on the elevator to the rooftop and admire the beauty of the whole city of Milan from above. You can see an ensemble of modern skyscrapers and historical buildings, creating the perfect atmosphere of Milan.

Turn around for a look at the symbol of the city, La Madunina, a 4.16-meter statue of the Virgin Mary protecting and overlooking Milan. Take in the magnificence that Milan offers on this unforgettable visit to the Duomo!

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