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Join your English-speaking local tour guide for a ride out of Barcelona city center where the wine adventure begins. Our local guides are experts in the history of wine production in the area and will tell you everything there is to know about the characteristics of this particular region and the kind of wines produced in it.

Its warm weather, softened by the unique climate conditions the proximity of the sea provides with, result in an specific array of flavors and traditions. The special link this territory has with white grape varieties makes it crucial for the production of cavas, the Catalan take on sparkling wines.

Depending on your choice, you will visit one or two of the intimate and exclusive wineries we are partnered with. We will pick those that best meet your needs, always prioritizing those with inspiring background and history to tell. In some of the wineries we feel so much at home that it will be your very guide who will take you through the facilities and unveil all the secrets, while in others a local expert will take charge of hosting you.

Of course, you will enjoy a tasting of their most exclusive wines and/or cavas (tell us which you prefer!) in any of the wineries we take you to. Depending on the option picked when booking, we will also provide with a beautiful selection of traditional Spanish and Catalan tapas or a full meal in a local restaurant to make the most out of this gastronomic experience.

There are many ways to tailor this tour, such as including a guided visit to Sitges. If you chose to visit just one winery, you will have more time to explore this tiny fishing village with a strong Mediterranean feeling. If you want to visit two wineries, your stroll down its beaches will be shorter.

However, you will still find it fascinating to hear what your guide has to tell you about how the Catalan modernists and bourgeoisie took over this small village at the end of the 19th Century and transformed it into their favorite spot to escape Barcelona during the hot summer. So much architecture remains from that period, and you will feel the artsy vibe in the air.

Instead of dropping by Sitges, you may decide to go even further back in time and allow your guide to introduce you to the wonders of ancient Tarragona, a little bit further south within the same region.

Being an important Mediterranean harbor, this city was the capital of the Roman province all these lands fell within two thousand years ago, way before Barcelona (known as Barcino back then) acquired the importance it has nowadays.

Old Tarraco was provided with the typical Roman facilities and structures, some of which have endured for you to wander and wonder about during your guided tour.

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