Montserrat, Food & Wine | Private Tour

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Get ready for a fantastic field trip and jump into our private means of transportation to be greeted by your local English-speaking guide, who will accompany you all day. If not arranged in a different way our first stop will be the Montserrat Monastery, which is one hour away from Barcelona and will meet you hanging spectacularly from the cliffs of this idiosyncratic Catalan massif.

Learn everything there is to know about this fantastic location by hand of your expert guide about the one-thousand-years-long history of this important site. If you don’t wish it differently you will enjoy a one hour long guided visit, followed by more than two hours of free time to explore the different landmarks this Natural Park has to offer.

Amongst other things to employ your free time in, check out the amazing collection the Art Museum has to offer (from Caravaggio to Dalí), hike up the hills to be mesmerized by the views, taste local made cheeses and other products at the farmers’ market, or visit the famous Moreneta face to face, a dark-skinned 12th century wooden carving of the Virgin Mary that made this monastery world famous.

After this spectacular immersion in the local history and culture, get comfortable to enjoy the countryside that surrounds Barcelona through the window again as your guide takes you to the stunningly located Oller del Mas winery.

Feast at their restaurant while enjoying the views of the Montserrat massif from afar. Contemplating it from a distance you will get to understand how this particular mountain got to shape and influence the traditions and culture of the entire region of which it’s surrounded. Having had lunch, and after a short walk away from the restaurant, you will finally understand that we are not exaggerating.

Find out in front of you this beautiful Catalan fortified country house, a castle dating as far back as the 10th century. Surrounded by vineyards and pine forests, the medieval ambiance of this chateaux boutique winery will captivate you from the very first moment.

Taste here 4 ecological top-end wines produced in the state, some of them awarded with the highest recognitions in the industry, accompanied by a locally produced cheese selection. Do it while learning about the long history in the family’s ownership of the winery and the key role this property has played in re-positioning this wine-making region back again in the international panorama.

Take your last pictures of the scenery as the day comes to an end and the moment to go back to Barcelona approaches. Your way back to the city will take one hour approx, and will delight you with some last views of Montserrat.

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