Minho Folklore Festival

In the Region 55,00€

A night of tradition: A carnival of folklore and typical dances. Minho region is famous for its folklore festivals (Arraiais). Get a board with Your Tours in this quintessentially local event where friendship and hospitality are perfectly balanced with folklore popular music, fireworks, dances and “Gigantones” (giant puppets) parades. Along with this spectacle, a traditional Minho banquet is served, including typical products of the region such has: grilled sardines along with the traditional corn-bread, pork steaks, roasted chicken, french fries, salads and the inevitable Vinho Verde (green wine) white or red, all of this in “all-included” system. Later on, the traditional Minho’s pastries with the regional “Champarrião” (green wine mixed with beer, sugar or cinnamon). The festival ends with the balloon release and the folk popular chants to keep the joyful spirit. Join us in this festival of colors, light, happiness and just before you leave, taste a bowl of “Caldo Verde” (Portuguese traditional broth/soup), to clean the flavors and depart to your well-earned rest.

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