Milan Deluxe Food Tour

In the City 79,00€

Italian cuisine is not only pasta and pizza; it is full of variation and flavors that you can try by taking part in a food tour of the city where you’re staying. Each Italian city has its own traditions and typical cuisine.

If you are in Milan, you cannot miss this chance to try local food and to learn how it’s made! Start by following the scent of panettone, a typical cake with candied fruits and raisins. Try it with a cup of coffee Americano in the place where it was invented!

In the meantime, you can also visit the main landmarks of the city, such as the Castle, the Galleria, and the Duomo. Next, you try a sample of cheeses in a place that makes its own with different variations of flavors.

You can also try some local hams, wines, sauces, and enjoy a plate of typical risotto alla Milanese, rice with saffron. Then you can visit a place in Via Spadari specialized in balsamic vinegar. Try some while learning about its manufacturing and aging process!

Last but not least, gelato — homemade Italian ice-cream that is sure to leave you speechless! This tour is a true experience for the senses, especially the tastes and scents of the food and the sights of the beauties surrounding you!

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