Madrid wineries tour “tagus river valley“

In the City 120,00€ Tour scheduled for the morning (possibly unavailable due Covid-19 restrictions)

Join our One Day Madrid Wine Tour to Madrid wineries for small groups from Monday to Friday or choose a private excursion just for your party.

In this Madrid wineries tour you will learn, from winery to winery, about Spain’s Golden century, History and habits, old and modern winemaking in the region and in Spain in general, and discover medieval and Renaissance architectures through the countryside just one step from the city.

Just 30 Kms away from Madrid you feel transported several hundred kilometres way ahead, and several decades, if not centuries, way back. Madrid’s Region’s countryside, coated with vineyards and historical villages, that supplied wine for the capital since its very foundation (since its conquest by the Castilians from the Moors actually)

900 years of winemaking tradition at the fertile vegas region (riverbanks) where rivers Manzanares, Tajuña, Jarama, Henares, and Tajo meet. Or south of Guadarrama’s Sierra’s granite foothills.

Environmentally protected territories that where the exclusive wine suppliers of the thirsty and growing new capital of the sixteenth century Spanish Empire

These were the wines that were celebrated in the writings of Cervantes and all the Golden Century writers and painters, and from the Royal Palace to every tavern of the city. Now they are conquering palates of international critics and wine lovers alike.

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