Gourmet Tapas Tour

In the City 90,00€ Tour scheduled for this specific schedule (possibly unavailable due Covid-19 restrictions)

Gourmet tapas and dishes Now on a gastronomic tour. The heart of the madrilian cuisine might be in the center but the thinking BRAIN, the wit, the inspiration, is not there. Off the tourist path, on the eastern shore of the Retiro Park, the Gourmet tapas tour sails in a neighborhood boasting with the hidden gems of Madrid’s so called Gourmet Bistro, Gastrotaverns, Delicatessen Bistro…

There are places where gastronomy reaches new heights without losing its down to the earth ingredient essence. They are across a tapas bar and a michelin restaurant.

This places are so good that they are popular among the locals and rich and famous alike Spanish Royalty, First Lady, Actors like Harrison Ford etc.

Join us for a gourmet experience that’s worth enjoying, whether for wine, food or the atmosphere. You will be like a inhabitant of Madrid enjoying tapas at the neighborhood.

You must be prepare for a Madrilenian Gourmet Tapas route. Be stand, eat and drink leisurely, tasting a variety of gourmet dishes, many of them seasonally and tasting selected wines from various regions of Spain.

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