Feeling Mar & Ria

Mar & Ria is a tour to feel Ria de Aveiro and the sea in its most pure and ancestral way: walk along the dunes in the Natural Reserve of São Jacinto, enjoy the local fauna and flora, watch closely the fragile balance of the dunes’ ecosystem and fill your lungs with the distinctive breeze coming from the sea. Being introduced to the traditional fishing method called Arte Xávega or contacting the master builders of the typical boats, the moliceiros, are unforgettable experiences to live in the beautiful fishing village of Torreira. Discover also the old production method of eels in marinade sauce through the Museum of Comur – Fábrica de Conservas da Murtosa. This tour would not be complete without a boat ride on a moliceiro (a boat once used for the transport of seaweed – moliço, for agricultural lands) which begins in one of Murtosa’s piers and crosses the Ria de Aveiro and its canals. And last but not least, a gastronomic experience is a must: seafood, fish or the traditional eels, a delicacy for the most adventurers.

| What You Can Expect |
Departure from your hotel in time to be arranged
Accompanied tour through the nature of Natural Reserve of São Jacinto
Visit to the master builders of the typical boats – moliceiros
Contact with the traditional fishing method Arte Xávega (when conditions permit)
Lunch at a typical restaurant
Visit to the Comur – Municipal Museum of Murtosa
Ride on board of a moliceiro through Ria de Aveiro and its cannals from one of Murtosa’s piers
Return to your hotel

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