Feeling Aveiro and its Beaches

Feeling Aveiro and Its Beaches is to go through its many canals, to discover the Lagoon and its mysterious spots. It is returning to the origins and traditions connected to work at sea and Ria de Aveiro. Navigate the central canals aboard a moliceiro, boat with an extreme uniqueness and aesthetic beauty that served to transport seaweed, discover in Beira Mar neighborhood the patrimony related to the origin of Aveiro city and its traditions, and to delight with so typical “ovos moles” are experiences you can not miss! And for this piece of coast become unforgettable, there is nothing like visiting its beaches of Costa Nova and Barra, experiencing the true maritime identity of the Portuguese, getting to know the famous haystacks of Costa Nova and going up to the Barra’s Lighthouse.

| What You Can Expect |
Moliceiro ride through the city canals
Pedestrian walk through the Beira Mar neighborhood with special emphasis on architectural heritage of the Art Nouveau style and the Art of Portuguese tiles
History and tasting of traditional ovos moles
Exit towards the Beaches
Visit to Costa Nova beach highlighting its striped haystacks and the fishmarket
Travel to Barra beach and visit to its magnificent lighthouse

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