Feeling Arouca

Feeling Arouca is a tour that allows your senses to enjoy nature in its purest form. You cannot miss Frecha da Mizarela, one of the most impressive water falls in the old continent and all the geosites belonging to the Arouca Geopark, internationally known by its exceptional geological patrimony, as the Birthing Stones or the Detrelo da Malhada, or even a walk on the Paiva Walkways. This will be a unique opportunity to go through the banks of Paiva River, one of the purest in Europe. This tour in Arouca is a promise of an unlimited adventure through the beauty of the centre of Portugal. But Arouca is far more than natural beauty: the Museum of Sacred Art and the Monastery of Santa Maria de Arouca, built in the 10th century, are excellent examples. And so the essence of Arouca is complete, the tasting of their convent-made sweets and other traditional delicacies is indispensable.

| What You Can Expect |
Departure from your hotel in time to be arranged
Tour through Paiva Walkways or Guided tour to the Monastery and Museum of Sacred Art of Arouca
Lunch at a typical restaurant
Accompanied tour through Serra da Freita highlighting some of the Arouca Geosites
Guided tour to House of Birthing Stones
Climb to the Arouca Meteorological Radar
Return to your hotel

Contacts & Details

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