Fátima Full-Day Tour

In the Region 80,00€ Tour scheduled for this specific schedule (possibly unavailable due Covid-19 restrictions)

Early in the morning we head towards Fátima, a small countryside town well known for its sanctuary and for being one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the world. The astonishing Basilica was built to commemorate the events of 1917, when 3 children were blessed with the apparition of the Virgin Mary. Inside this Basilica you’ll also find the tombs of the 3 children, aside of many other works of sacred art. On the other side of the sanctuary is the new Church of the Most Holy Trinity, built in the 2000s, and one of the largest Christian churches in the world. You can also visit the Chapel of the Apparitions, located right on the spot where the apparitions occurred.

After visiting Fátima, we’ll head towards Batalha monastery. It has more than 600 years old and it’s an UNESCO World Heritage Site. From here, we go to the fishing village of Nazaré, the first Portuguese pilgrimage site where the Virgin appeared to a Portuguese Knight who defeated the temptation of the Devil. Here you can try some of the best fish and seafood in the country. See some of the biggest waves in Europe, attracting a lot of ocean daredevils.

Finally, we set sail to Óbidos… A charming and picturesque village surrounded by medieval walls from the 12th century. Have some free time to wonder in its narrow streets and try the famous Ginjinha, a sour cherry liquor served in an edible chocolate cup. What better way to end this glorious day?

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