Duomo, Rooftop and La Scala Tour

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If you are wondering what are the two main attractions of Milan, they are the Duomo and La Scala Opera House. They are the most visited places in Milan and are considered masterpieces of architecture by locals and tourists alike.

On this tour of Milan’s iconic landmarks, you have opportunity to go on the rooftop of the Duomo and admire the whole city from above. It’s a truly unique experience! Start by meeting your local guide in front of the Duomo, and together go to the rooftop on the elevator, skipping the line.

Admire Milan’s buildings from above and listen to the stories that your guide tells about your surroundings. Next, visit the inside of the cathedral and then the Baptistery.

After your visit to the symbol of Milan, you go across the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and reach Piazza La Scala. Here, you can find one of the most famous opera theatres in the world, known for its beauty and elegance.

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