Douro Valley Tour

In the Region 90,00€ Tour scheduled for this specific schedule (possibly unavailable due Covid-19 restrictions)

Douro, UNESCO’s World Heritage: Cradle of authentic traditions, where Man and Nature produce one of the purest world’s nectars – Port Wine!

A landscape transformed throughout the centuries where sun, river, mountain and air hug each other and give birth sceneries of the most astonishing beauty.

Come with us and meet its people, its landscapes and its traditions. Your experience begins with the visit to the traditional village of Favaios.

Stop, listen and appreciate a journey into your senses. Besides archeology, with the Manors and religious monuments, Favaios offers a wonderful gastronomy.

You’ll visit the Museum of Bread and Wine and also the Cooperative Cellar of Favaios, where a fortified Moscatel is produced.

You will, then, go downwards to Pinhão, where you’ll lunch in a local restaurant, immerged in a inebriating landscape of the valley in front of the river.

Revigorated after this pause, it’s time to get aboard of a traditional Rabelo boat and enjoy the raw landscape where Man collects this divine nectar.

And after this amazingly relaxing cruise, you will then taste the Port Wine, after being told of the productions techniques and history of the Port Wine demarcated region, in a Port Wine Estate.

The return will be done across the indescribable serpent margins of the Douro River.

Douro Tour, an experience you simply cannot miss!

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