Brave Foodies


This tour is for the brave ones. If your stomach isn’t tough this walking tour is not for you.

You probably read more than 100 times about “Cod-Fish” in your Lisbon Guide Book, once you have tried it, it’s time for the next step into Portuguese gastronomy. We will not take you to this fancy well rated restaurant, for that you have your guide book.

The purpose of this tour is to give you to try the most “weird” and surprising dishes of the Portuguese cuisine. From Liver, Pork’s ears, Cow’s hoof, Rooster Bloody Rice, Chicken feet, Pork rinds, snails, guts, rabito or testicles you will be surprised how creative Portuguese Gastronomy can be!

Besides this promising combination of ingredients, there are some fusion dishes fruit of the ex-colonies, full of stories that our guides will be happy to share. Drinking will be part of the digestion process once you tried the “Burning Water” or água ardente.

We will take you into one of the most authentic Lisbon neighborhoods, still quite preserved from the tourist invasion where you will meet the locals, enjoy quality food and drinks.

If you think you are a brave foodie, welcome a board, we will be happy to share a table with you, your family and friends. If you survive till the end and eat all the specialties our guides suggest, you will receive your very own “Brave Foodie” diploma!

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