Braga & Guimarães

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This two cities are perhaps the most historical ones in Portugal!

Braga has roots from the ancient roman empire, and its importance on the region is well present in visible remains on the centre and surroundings. Over the last millennium the city became the most important reference for the catholic religion. It served for headquarter of archbishops, and has (probably) the most beautiful cathedral in Portugal. Adding to the religiosity and coutless set of churches, the city has 2 sanctuaries on the highest part, that are with no doubt, the most pleasant places to visit on the region.

Guimarães stands as the cradle of the nation. It was the battlefield for our independence, Birth land of Afonso Henriques (our first king), and the capital during the XII. Today maintains the original tray and structure from the middle age. Its like an enchanted city that is distinguished as cultural world heritage by UNESCO since 2001. Here we can visit the medieval castle, walk on the narrow streets and main squares, and also climb on Penha mountain – the highest spot in about 30km, from where you can get a sight for the atlantic!

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