Weissenburg Park

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Weißenburgpark is a green space of nearly five hectares located in the urban district of Stuttgart – Sud. The hill in the park holds a marble room and a tea house which today are used as a tourist spot or a venue. Moreover, there are various trails and resting spots in the park designed for the common public. At the top of this park is an observation platform offering a different view of Stuttgart and a memorial stone for the painter and graphic designer named Reinhold Nagele.

This place was formerly a villa so, you can feel a great level of old style and elegance. Apart from housing a beer garden, there is also a tea room that is used to host solemn meetings. The park is beautifully adorned with iron and stone decorated tiles and impressive sculptures. Also, it is quite famous for hosting weddings and social events.

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Bopserwaldstraße 3 70184 Stuttgart