Warsaw University Library Roof Garden

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Designed by the landscape architect Irena Bajerska, the Warsaw University Library Roof Garden opened in 2002 and displays a rich variety of plants, on a 30mm layer of soil.

One of the largest and most beautiful roof gardens in Europe, providing sweeping views over river Vistula and Warsaw, it was designed to be in perfect harmony with the ultra-modern library building. The concept falls into the formation of several separated but conjoined gardens, taking advantage of the natural declivity

In the lower garden, visitors can admire a fish pond and a small stream, being a place chosen by many to study, read or have a picnic. The two-level rooftop gardens cover an entire hectare, filled with sculptures, beautiful pathways, and even a cascading stone fountain – most of these can also be found on the lower garden.

Considered by many as one of the best-kept secrets of Warsaw, the University Library Roof Garden is a relaxation place to escape the city’s bustle.

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