Villa Borghese

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One of the largest urban parks in Europe, Villa Borghese is a massive landscape garden containing buildings, museums, and other attractions, designed in a naturalistic English manner. Spanning over 80 hectares, the construction of the gardens started in the 17th century to accommodate several villas and to house an art collection, but the park as we see it today was remade in the early 19th century.

Its most important attraction is perhaps the Borghese Gallery, one of the most notable museums in Rome, housing paintings from artists such as Raphael, Titian or Caravaggio. The gardens also house the intriguing Pincio’s Water Clock, a masterpiece of the 19th-century engineering, the Rome Zoo, known as Bioparco, which contains more than 1.000 animals from 200 different species and the Silvano Toti Globe Theatre, a replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London. This park is also a relaxation place for locals and visitors and it’s possible to rent rollerblades and bicycles at the main gate.

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Piazzale Napoleone I 00197 Roma