Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

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The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is the only surviving part of the Saxon Palace that occupied that exact same spot before World War II. Since November 1925, the monument located at the Pilsudski Square houses the unidentified body of a young soldier who perished during the Defense of Lwów.

Since then, many Polish soldiers’ ashes have been added to the urns under the surviving pillars of the Saxon Palace. The Tomb is constantly lit by an eternal flame and the changing of the guard happens every day. Designed by famous Polish sculptor Stanislaw Ostrowski, the central tablet was originally ringed by 5 eternal flames and 4 stone inscriptions with the names and date of battles fought by Polish soldiers during World War I and the Polish-Soviet War.

During the 1939 invasion of Poland, however, the structure was damaged by German aerial bombing and after the war, the reconstruction began, under the instructions of Henryk Grunwald, who added soil from 24 additional battlegrounds to the urns.

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