The Warsaw Rising Museum

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Opened in 2004 to mark the 60th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, the Warsaw Rising Museum is a tribute of the residents to those who fought and died for the independence of Poland. Packed with interactive displays, photographs, and video footage, the museum occupies a former tram power station and it’s split over several levels, leading the visitors to a chronological story of the Uprising.

The visit starts with a tour that teaches about life under Nazi rule; then, several halls in the upper floors detail the first month of battle, the creation of a Soviet puppet state and a poignant display about the destruction of Warsaw. It is also possible to visit sewer replicas, a chance to experience the use of sewers to move under German-held territory.

Before leaving, don’t forget to watch the film “The City of Ruins”, a 3D bird’s-eye view of Warsaw burnt to the ground, and the murals painted by Polish artists on the Wall of Art.

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