The Suite

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| What is |
The Suite is an online store dedicated to the art of welcoming.
It intends to contribute to the qualification and professionalization of tourism (specifically in the Local Accommodation sector), giving it an innovative and differentiating character, where the strength of the Portuguese soul stands out through Portuguese suppliers.
It is a dynamic e-commerce space, with applications open to new partnerships.

| The Concept |
A suite is the best type of accommodation where you will find the highest level of comfort and service in a stay.
By analogy, we intend that Local Accommodation is the space of excellence for guests.
We have selected the most interesting products and services developed in Portugal so that each stay is a unique, authentic and memorable experience.

Contacts & Details

| Atelier da Graça | Entregas e Showroom Rua do Vale de Santo António, 242-A 1170-382 Lisboa