The Royal Castle

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More a palace than a castle, the massive brick building is one of the finest examples of the rebuilding process in Warsaw’s Old Town, after being burned and looted by the Nazi Germans following the invasion of Poland in 1939 and almost completely destroyed in 1944 after the failed Warsaw Uprising.

Originally, the complex served as the residence of the Dukes of Masovia and later on was used as the seat of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Its history dates back to the 14th century when a tower and wooden building where erected on site. The construction in its current form began in the 16th century by King Sigismund III.

Afterward, King Wladyslaw IV built the tower in the courtyard and King August III remodeled the outside of the castle facing the Vistula river and the wing facing north.

Even though the building was massively destroyed and rebuilt, visitors can still feel its former magnificence: the Ballroom is considered the most beautiful one, with its columns, mirrors, and chandeliers, while the red and golden Throne Room features the throne used by the kings who resided at the palace. In the King’s Apartment, there are beautiful paintings by Bernardo Bellotto, the court painter to Poland’s last king, Stanislaw Poniatowski.

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