The Nikolai Quarter

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Berlin’s oldest residential quarter, with medieval-looking streets and quaint houses that were actually built after the Second World War, the Nikolai Quarter (or Nikolaiviertel) is the reconstructed historical heart of the city, following its original form through official records.

Located in the western shore of river Spree, the Quarter was officially re-opened only in 1987 and quickly became one of Berlin’s main attractions. The center of the district is formed by the also reconstructed Nikolai Church with its twin towers. The Ephraim-Palais, built in 1766 with a Rococo façade, is today a museum.

With its countless pubs, restaurants, and shops, the Nikolai Quarter has now a different atmosphere: before the Second World War was known for its taverns, courtyards and tradesmen’s workshops. This Quarter made of narrow streets and small houses, giving it the feeling of a small village within the city, was also the place where many artists, such as Ibsen, Strindberg or Kleist settled in.

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Nikolaiviertel 10178 Berlin