Teatro Aveirense

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The construction of this theater began in 1855 but due to financial problems it wasn’t completed until the late decade 1881. In the following year the first play was performed by the Companhia de Teatro D. Maria II. Since then, several portuguese and foreign companies and actors participated in plays, as well as music, dance and opera. In 1910 the theater is closed for works of modernization, reopening in 1912 with a new functionality – the cinematograph.

In 1947 its activities are again interrupted, reopening again in 1949 with a capacity of more than a thousand places. In order to preserve its history, the building was acquired by the Câmara Municipal de Aveiro in 1998. In 2000 it was closed for further interior and exterior renovation works, reopening in 2003. Since 2002, it has been classified as Property of Public Interest.

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Rua Belém do Pará 3810-164 Aveiro