Tábuas, Copos & outras cenas

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Located near the Sé Cathedral, right in the center of city, the Tábuas, Copos & outras cenas is the ideal space to taste tables of excellent tapas and snacks, drink a good wine and other scenes.

With a traditional decoration, Tábuas, Cupos & outras cenas is dedicated to the dissemination of Portuguese cuisine, but not only. Here you can choose between Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian sausages and cheeses, good meals, good ham, always accompanied by good wine. But not only cheeses and sausages lives this house. There are other scenes such as mackerel mound, octopus, and many other scenes that are emerging.

With an average price of €6 for lunch and €15 for dinner, come and snack with friends.

Contacts & Details

Rua Dom Gonçalo Pereira, 52 4700-032 Braga


16:00 – 23:00


16:00 – 23:00


16:00 – 23:00


16:00 – 23:00


11:00 – 00:00