Salto do Cabrito

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There are over twenty hiking trails registered in São Miguel and this is definitely one not to be missed. If you like the outdoors, it is recommended that you make at least one, even if you have little time to be on the Island.

The Salto do Cabrito trail is a small circular route that starts and ends at the Caldeiras of Ribeira Grande and on a course with 3.5km distance. Here you can enjoy the thermal pools, the leisure area, the baths and the restaurant. This walk includes crossing streams and climbing stairs so make sure you bring proper footwear.

Integrated in this route is the Cascata do Salto do Cabrito, which has a waterfall of about 40 meters in height. This waterfall features crystalline waters that invite bathing and is surrounded by lush vegetation.

This trail usually takes 1 hour to complete, with countless stops for nature photography and waterfalls, so be sure to bring the fully loaded camera.

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