Restaurante Celta Endovélico

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The Celta Endovélico Restaurant is a cozy and different space in the heart of the city of Porto. Originally decorated and inspired by Celtic, along with delicious gastronomic proposals, we are transported exactly to the Celtic and Lusitanian culture.

Some of the specialties that come out of the Endovélico kitchen are Lancelot potatoes, Gelettes Viriato (chicken and mushrooms), War of Thrones (roast beef with mushrooms), Camelot salad (which mixes green leaves, tomatoes, purple onions, olives, walnuts and ham) and tapas (Asturian pies, stuffed fresh mushrooms, curd rolls, boards of Portuguese sausage and cheeses).

Cider, Mead, Beers and Wine occupy a prominent place in this innovative space.

With an average cost of around €15 per person, come to know this space protected by the Celtic gods.

Contacts & Details

Rua do Bonjardim, 680 4000-119 Porto


17:30 – 23:30


17:30 – 23:30


17:30 – 23:30


17:30 – 23:30


17:30 – 01:00