Puro 4050

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Located in Largo de S. Domingos, Puro 4050 is a restaurant with Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, where Mozzarella cheese stands out as a special ingredient and central element.

This restaurant presents itself with a colonial atmosphere, with maps and illustrations of animals on the walls, indiscreet light and tables of various sizes.

The idea of this Italian cuisine is to be healthy, with an abundant presence of vegetables and fresh products, favoring the grilled ones.
In addition to the various dishes in which the mozzarella cheese is king, there are also the foccacias, pizzas, pastas and risottos to combine various ingredients. Finally, among many dessert possibilities, there is the Tawny Port wine Tiramisu.

The average price per person is around €20 (with drink included).

Note: In this restaurant there are reservations, this is, between the asking and the lifting of the dishes passes about 1h. It is not advised for those intending to extend dinner.

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Largo São Domingos, 84 4050-545 Porto