Puerta del Sol

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Definitely one of the busiest places of Madrid, in the center of the historical and commercial heart of the city, Puerta del Sol is a large square that works as the junction of some of Madrid’s main streets: Preciados, Alcalá, Arenal and Mayor. Displaying statues and a famous clock, it is surrounded by shops, casinos and restaurants.

It is for centuries an important meeting point. Originally one of the gates of the city wall, it was with the construction of the Casa de Correos, in 18th century, that it started to get the current shape. Nowadays, it displays some of Madrid’s well-known landmarks, such as the statue of the Bear and Strawberry Tree (El Oso y El Madrono), built in 1967, and the already mentioned Real Casa de Correos, built by the French architect Jacques Marquet in only two years.

Its famous clock marks now the Spanish tradition of eating twelve grapes at new year eve. And the KM 0 (Kilometer Zero), that can be found in the pavement, marks the point from which the distances in Madrid are measured.

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Plaza Puerta del Sol 28013 Madrid