Puerta de Alcalá

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This stunning neoclassical gate located in the middle of the Plaza de Independencia, a busy roundabout, it is older than the Arc of Triomphe in Paris. Inaugurated in 1778 by the Italian architect Francesco Sabatini, the arc replaced a brick monument from the 16th century.

Very close to El Retiro park, originally a gate of the old Walls of Philip IV, which surrounded the city for more than two centuries, the arc was once the main entrance into Madrid and it’s now the junction of three of the most important streets: Alcalá, which is Madrid’s longest road, Alfonso XII and Serrano. Made of granite, it displays different ornaments in each side.

The side facing the city center shows war trophies, flags, weapons, while the opposite side displays the royal coat of arms and human figures. The four children represented in Puerta de Alcalá are an allegory for the four virtues: justice, temperance, fortitude and prudence.

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Plaza de la Independencia 28001 Madrid