Praia da Ribeira do Cavalo

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Also known locally as Praia do Cavalo, it is an exotic and unique place, not frequented mainly due to difficult access. Its name comes from a huge cliff on the beach that resembles the head of a horse. To get there, it is necessary to walk a footpath about 800 meters, which requires some physical and orientation preparation, or alternatively, go by boat from the dock of Sesimbra.

Because it is an isolated and wild place, it does not have any support structure, commerce or public establishments, so it is advisable to prepare a backpack with the necessary one before making the trip. Given the characteristics of this beach, it is one of the sites of choice for many campers and tourists. The sea is calm and the water clear and crystalline, with intense and exotic colors, so it is well worth the effort to get there.

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Rua Baía de Sesimbra 2970-620 Sesimbra