Praça dos Restauradores

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Dedicated to the restoration of the independence of Portugal in 1640, Praça dos Restauradores is one of the most interesting public squares in the city.

In the heart of the square there is an obelisk that was inaugurated in 1886 and carries the names and dates of the battles that were waged during the Portuguese Restoration War. On its pedestal you can see two figures representing Victoria, with a palm and a crown, and Liberty.

As you explore the square, you can’t help but notice the elaborate Baroque facade of the Palácio Foz. Take a peek inside and admire the marble pillars, wrought iron balustrades and ornate gilded decorations. Be sure to visit the Sala dos Espelhos, a lavish hall of mirrors in the style of Louis XIV.

There are also several other intriguing buildings on the square, including the Art Deco style Teatro Eden, the Condes Cinema and the Hotel Avenida Palace.

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Praça dos Restauradores 1250-096 Lisboa