Ponte do Prado

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The Ponte do Prado, Bridge of Prado, is a spot located across the Cávado River, in the parish of Vila de Prado. This bridge was constructed as a Roman Bridge, however due to a flood had to be reconstructed in the 16th century. There are still some remnants of the original Roman bridge but they are few. When the Iberian Peninsula was occupied by Romans this served as a way to connect the roads between Braga and Astorga.

There are prominent Roman arches in the design, nine of them total, and the size increases as the arches progress. A cross was originally designed on the left margin of the bridge as a dedication to Senhor da Ponte, but it did not survive. There is a walkway along this bridge, but it can also be used for auto traffic. This is a beautiful bridge that demonstrates classic architecture form the Roman time period. Those that are traveling through Braga should take advantage of this architectural highlight.

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N201, Vila de Prado