Pont Neuf

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Though its name means New Bridge, Pont Neuf is actually the oldest bridge of Paris. It is composed of two separate spans – one of the five arches link the left bank to the Ile de la Cité, while another of seven arches links the island to the right bank.

The final decision to build the bridge was taken by Henry III who laid its first stone in 1578 and after several changes on the design and many delays, it was finally inaugurated by Henry IV in 1607. Though a classic bridge following a Roman layout, it brought several innovations at the time: it was the first in Paris not to support houses and was also fitted with pavements to protect pedestrians from mud and horses. The sides of the structure are decorated with 381 “mascarons”, or stone masks, that represent the heads of divinities, satyrs and sylvains.

At the point where the bridge crosses the Ile de La Cité, there stands a bronze equestrian statue of Henry IV, commissioned by Marie de Médicis.

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Pont Neuf 75001 Paris