Plaza de Oriente

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Surrounded by two of the most iconic buildings of Madrid, the Royal Palace and the Royal Theatre, the Plaza de Oriente was designed in 1844 by Narciso Pascual y Colomer and later reshaped by King Joseph I, who ordered to demolish the medieval buildings, becoming a leisure spot with its gardens and sculptures.

In the center, there’s a bronze equestrian statue of Felipe IV, a unique piece of art due to the fact that it was the first in the world where the horse stands in its two back legs. To achieve this, the Italian sculptor Pietro Tacca requested the help of the physicist Galileo Galilei, who suggested to keep the back of the horse in solid bronze while the front should be hollow, for a matter of stability.

The central gardens appeared in the middle of the 20th century, in the form of a grid and in the exterior part of the square there are two leafy gardens, while the interior gardens are more floral and ornamental.

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