Place de la Comédie

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La Place de la Comédie is a recommended place to visit when you come to Montpellier!

Also known as the egg place for its oval shape, it is one of the largest pedestrian areas in Europe, dominated by the Comédie opera house and surrounded by Haussmann buildings, including the famous “diver” who hosts the Gaumont cinema and whose carved pediment shows the sources of the city’s richness in the 19th century: vineyard and rail.

In the center (or almost) of the square stands the fountain of the Trois Grâces (Three Graces), emblematic goddesses of Montpellier, realized by Étienne d’Antoine in 1790. The square is populated by street artists, many passers-by and people sitting at the many cafés.

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Place de la Comédie 34000 Montpellier