Piazza Venezia

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The Piazza Venezia is dominated by the Altare Della Patria, a monument inaugurated in 1911 to honor Victor Emanuel II, unified Italy’s first king, and that occupies a site between the Piazza Venezia and the Capitoline Hill. Its majestic columns, a neoclassical interpretation of a Roman forum, overpower the entire square.

At the stairway leading to the Altare, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is under the statue of goddess Roma, with an eternal flame on the right. Being an intersection of several important streets, Piazza Venezia is a central hub of Rome and a busy one as well. It takes its name from the Palazzo Venezia, a former residential papal palace rising above the pines of the Piazza.

One of the more recent features of the square are the exposed remains of the emperor Hadrian’s Athenaeum, discovered during the excavations for the construction of a metro line, which are now considered of one the most important Roman discoveries in the past 80 years.

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