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St. Peter’s Church, or Peterskirche, is the oldest Roman Catholic church constructed in the 12th century in the Bavarian Romanesque style. It rests on a small hill called Petersberg between Rindermarkt and Marienplatz which was originally settled by the monks. Affectionally called Old Peter, the tower of this parish church has been rebuilt a few times and can be climbed up to get stunning views of Munich if you hike up 306 steps.

The interior of the church is incredibly impressive as it features Gothic figures and paintings, wonderful Mariahilf-Altar, and a ceiling fresco. Interior highlights involve the red marble monuments by Erasmus Grasser, font by Hans Krumper, 15th-century Schrenk Altar with figures of Crucifixion and the Last Judgment, and the 20-meter-tall, 18th-century high altar with the statues of Four Fathers of the Church and St. Peter. Another attraction is the gem-studded skeleton of St. Mundita which gawks at the visitors with its false eyes and teeth.

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Rindermarkt 1, München, Germany 80331