Parque S. Torcato

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Situated in the center of the village and with an area of around 3 hectares, this scenic park offers many ways to relax and enjoy yourself.

You can rent a boat and glide along the artificial lake, take a walk along one of the pedestrian paths or enjoy an excellent meal in the restaurant.

You can visit the bird zoo or see the small bridge with water babbling underneath.

Within this lovely park you will also find a granite church that gives an impression of grandeur and solemnity – an intriguing place of worship to discover.

This stunning park is a great place to enjoy a quiet afternoon, read a book and collect your thoughts.

There are plenty of attractions to entertain you, but there are also many quiet spaces and shady spots.

Contacts & Details

Rua Família Faria Abreu 4800-863 Guimarães