Parc du Mas de Nouguier

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Located on the Chemin des Comportes, this park is an agricultural reserve with a pedagogical vocation to preserve an urban plant and animal biodiversity.

It includes 10ha of vineyards (managed by the city) and the cooperative winery oversees harvesting and bottling. The wine is intended for an auction whose amount is returned to charities and the other part is used for informal parties and events. It includes an apiary that is the subject of two honey harvests per year, which are then potted at the Darwin Center. The productions are also distributed during events.

This reserve also includes a group of centenary pines that accompanies a mansion. The estate is dotted with meadows and honey plants (bringing pollen and nectar to the bees).

It is accessible only to pedestrians.

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Chemin des Comportés 34070 Montpellier