Pantocrator Gate

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The Venetian fortifications had four main gates which are located at the four cardinal points. To the north, at the end of what is today August 25th Street, was the ‘Gate of Molos’, which connected the town with the port. To the west was the ‘Gate of the Pantocratora’, next to which there is today the commanding new ‘Chanioporta’.

East of where the central square of the city, Plateia Eleftherias, stands today was the ‘Gate of St. George’. To the south was the ‘Gate of Jesus’. Apart from these central gates, there were three more gates designed to facilitate communications between the city and the sea.

One of the west gates was the ‘Gate of Agios Andreas, which took its name from the bastion of the same name, which was the weakest point in the defending walls, and where the Turks breached the entrance to the city in 1669. The second gate to the east was called the ‘Gate of Sand’ because it led to the beach located east of the city. The third in the north is the ‘Dermata Gate’, which is further to the west of the Historical Museum.

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