Palácio Nacional da Ajuda

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This extravagant royal palace is one of the most beautiful romantic buildings in Europe, even though it was never fully completed due to the exile of the royal family to Brazil when the French invaded Portugal.

The interior of this lovely palace is lavishly decorated with statues, tapestries and ornate antique furniture. The incredible wealth of this beautiful palace came from the diamonds that were discovered in the Portuguese colony of Brazil in the 1700s.

As you walk through the main entrance you will notice the 23 expertly carved marble statues, which represent a range of noble attributes including gratitude and generosity.

Make sure to note the delicate oriental porcelain that is on display in the Music Room, the stunning crystal chandeliers in the Dining Room and the enormous Throne Room in the south wing of the palace. The elaborate dinner service is also on display, one of the few royal European dinner services that is still completely intact.

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Largo da Ajuda 1300-018 Lisboa


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