Palace of Culture and Science

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Perhaps the most controversial building of Warsaw, the Palace of Culture and Science is still seen by many as a symbol of 45 years of Russian oppression after World War II. The 237 meters-high tower comprises 42 floors and opened in 1955 as an initiative of Joseph Stalin, who described the building as a “gift of the Soviet people to the Poles”.

Designed by Soviet architect Lev Rudnev in Seven Sisters style, its construction involved around 5.000 Russian workers and 4.000 Polish workers, and serves currently as an exhibition center, an office complex, a multiplex cinema and it houses two museums, a Concerts Hall and a large swimming pool.

At night, LED lights illuminate the Palace in various colors. The feature that attracts most visitors is its viewing terrace on the 30th floor, which offers an impressive panoramic view over Warsaw. Since 2000, the Palace of Culture and Science is also the highest tower clock in the world, due to its four clock faces added to the top of the building ahead of the millennium celebrations.

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Plac Defilad, 1 00-901 Warszawa