Padrão do Salado

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This important monument commemorates the Battle of Salado in 1340. It is located in a prime spot – in the historic centre of the city opposite the Igreja da Oliveira. The monument dates back to the 14th century and was initiated by Afonso IV of Portugal.

The king participated in the battle in support of King Afonso XI de Castela – helping him to defend against the Islamic army of sultan Abu al-Hasan ‘Ali of the Marinid Dynasty.

The Portuguese army were the victors and the Marinids suffered a terrible defeat which drove them back to Africa. A Muslim army was never again able to invade the Iberian Peninsula.

The Padrão do Salado was classified as a National Monument in 1910. After admiring the intricate carvings of this 14th century gothic structure, you can sit back at one of the nearby outdoor cafes and enjoy the atmosphere of the historic plaza.

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Largo da Oliveira 5 4800-438 Guimarães