Oliva da Praça

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Oliva da Praça is a space that opened in June 2017, right in the heart of the Guimarães Historic Center. We always have daily free samples of one of the best olive oils in the world, which has already been awarded this year at national and international level.

In addition to the olive oil, we also have some specialties made with the him: biscuits, chocolates, soaps and the best canned tuna, cod and sardines that are made in Portugal.

Historically, you will find on the floor of our shop an archaeological piece of our city that belonged to the old wall that surrounded and protected the village in the mid 1600s.

Come and taste what is best done in Portugal.

Contacts & Details

Rua Dr. António Mota Rego, 13 e 15 4800-434 Guimarães


12:00 – 19:00


12:00 – 19:00


12:00 – 19:00


12:00 – 19:00


12:00 – 19:00