Oberbaum Bridge

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One of Berlin’s landmarks, the Oberbaum Bridge is a double-deck bridge over the river Spree, connecting the once divided districts of Kreuzberg, in the former West and Friedrichshain, in the former East Berlin.

Now a symbol of unification, like many other structures in the city, the bridge was severely damaged during the Second World War, when it was partly blasted by the German troops on Hitler’s command. Originally opened in 1896 after two years of construction, it was designed by the architect Otto Stahn in the North German Brick Gothic style with decorative elements such as arches, cross vaults and coats of arms. It replaced a wooden structure built in the early 18th century.

The two towers are also merely decorative, but they work as a reminder that the site was at the time Berlin’s river gateway. The reconstruction of the bridge happened after the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 and it opened only in 1994, with a lower deck carrying a roadway, while the upper deck carries the Berlin U-Bahn line U1.

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Oberbaumbrücke 10243 Berlin