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The Baker, former cook, caviste and olive grower, then formed in bakery Bio to the International School of bakery, specialized in the organic bread with natural leaven, praised the slowness. It uses exclusively of natural leaven and it is this leaven which decides here.

It practice of natural fermentations slow which allow a alvéolage ideal of the Mie and a beautiful aromatic richness of the bread. Moreover, as the Baker wants to have a social life “normal” he does not work the night, but begins to knead from 7h of the morning. These two reasons explain a late opening of the bakehouse.

It is found here 8 different breads:

* Full bread: the sourdough bread of rye made from wholemeal flour T110.
* Bread to the seeds: the sourdough bread of rye made from flour semi-Complete T80 and embellished with seeds of brown linen, complete sesame, poppy and sunflower.
* Bread of campaign: the sourdough bread rye and made from flour semi-Complete T80.
* The Zoliv: Bread of campaign to the natural leaven of rye flour and T80. This bread semi full is generously garni of tasty olives from Kalamata. It will be the faithful companion of your aperitifs served nature or spread.
* Small Epeautre: the sourdough bread and the faine of small spelt in full.
* Nuts: bread to the natural leaven of rye and the flour a semi-full of wheat T80 and lined with its delicious nuts.
* Bread athlete: Real fuel for the athletes and the greedy. Bread made from a base of bread of campaign to the leaven of rye, Is a bread semi complete. It is rich in grapes, hazelnuts and figs.
*Kouglof: Alsatian brioche with grapes to the interior and almonds on top.

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