Novo Molhe

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Located in one of the noblest areas of the city of Porto, in Foz, is the Novo Molhe Restaurant, next to the Restaurante do Molhe building.

This new space offers three new tasting areas – a space dedicated to sushi, tapas and handmade ice cream – which join to the already renowned and elegant restaurant service.

Sushi is a booming cuisine, and Novo Molhe has several options and lunch menus that include salmon and gilt ceviche, sushi and sashimi, temakis and yakisobas (Sautéed pasta).

The Portuguese tapas are the menu by snacks, tables, bruschetta’s, accompaniments, salads, seafood and the “specials” – dishes to share or eat alone. Highlights include beef tenderloins stuffed with saw cheese wrapped in bacon, shrimp prawns and sauteed scallops.

The handmade ice cream is also in growth, being that the highlight goes to its artisan form, that allows the creation of original flavors. The three ice creams that identify the restaurant are the “Molhe”, the “Gilreu” and the “Green Tea”, but also other options with fruits without added sugar.

The average price per person is €20.

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Praia do Molhe 4150-155 Porto


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