Nonna Piazza

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We are passion, born on tradition, combined with a vision of pure commitment to freshness, quality and satisfaction.
We have been doing what we do for over 20 years: it’s family thing.

In Porto we wanted to bring the authentic taste of Italy, as we did in Leça.

We wanted to be in the heart of the city, in downtown, immersed in the essence of Porto, where we feel it’s soul, we drank from it’s inspiration so it can pass to our dishes, from pizza to risotto, without forgetting the “francesinha”.

It is the passion that moves us, with the places that inspires us, that allows us to serve.

Always with excellence. Always looking for what will be unforgettable for our client.


Average price 15€ per person.

Contacts & Details

Praça de Parada Leitão, 37 4050-366 Porto


12:00 – 23:45


12:00 – 23:45


12:00 – 23:45


12:00 – 23:45


12:00 – 23:45


12:00 – 23:45